Chris Hughes – Managing Director

Chris has a spent time managing load and haul jobs both home and abroad in the Middle East so understands the need for a quick and reliable service first and foremost. While in the Middle East he also under took a machine  and parts sales role so has seen the industry from both sides. A keen rugby enthusiast Chris was once on the books at Leicester Tigers and is now trying to transfer these skills to the golf course.

Pat Hughes – Operations Director

Another top rugby player, Pat will be your main contact for onsite services and is currently looking after our premier contract for Babcock International. After being on site for the majority of his career there is very little that Pat has not seen or not fixed, Cat-O&K-Komatsu-Liebherr-Ford-Wirtgenn-Big-Small best chances are Pat’s fixed it. Again after being on so many jobs, Pat preaches that the key to any job is keeping the equipment running with quick and efficient service on spare parts.

Tom Hughes – Overseas Sales

If you’re based in a jungle or humid climate it’s more than likely Tom will be coming to see you shortly. The ‘chatty one’ of the three, Tom has spent a large part of his career overseas. Based firstly in the Middle East dealing in the UAE, Jordan & Saudi Arabia etc, Tom then moved on to Perth in Australia where he looked after exports in to Africa. Travelling through the likes of Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania he managed to pick up a little business and some stories too.

Ian Tolton – Operations Manager

Ian has been with us from the start, and very often seems to be the glue that keeps the whole place together. Working his way up from apprentice fitter to workshop foreman to stores & parts manager there’s not a great deal Ian doesn’t know about plant. Embracing technology at every turn in the industry; a few moments on the phone Ian will soon identify your problem,  and be quoting you. A lover of his Vauxhall and his Playstation, get him talking about either after he’s quoted you and watch your phone bill rise.

Paul Walsh – Workshop Manager

Yet another rugby enthusiast, but coming to the end of an illustrious career now. After coming late into the plant industry Paul has thrived and is now running our workshops with 2 young impressionable apprentices under his wing. Always a man to brighten up your day, you’re sure to have your spirits lifted when you bump into this chipper Irishman in our place.